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Tiny acts of rebellion 97 almost-legal ways to stick it to the man

Rich. Fulcher


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  • Title:
    Tiny acts of rebellion 97 almost-legal ways to stick it to the man
  • Author: Rich. Fulcher
  • Description: Cover; Author Biography; Copyright; Contents; Acknowledgements; Introduction ; Degree of Rebellion Key ; Chapter 01 TRAVEL; Act.01 Do Not Perturb ; Act.02 More Fun Than a Double Hijacking ; Act.03 The Lonely Red Light ; Act.04 Head Cheese for the Border ; Act.05 Is This Seat Taken? ; Act.06 M. Night Drive-a-Lot ; Act.07 Hotel Schmotel ; Act.08 Urine Air ; Act.09 Queue Up or Shut Up ; Chapter 02 FOOD AND DRINK; Act.10 Copper Coinage Condemnation; Act.11 Drink Drunk Drank; Act.12 Eat It and Weep ; Act.13 Diet Poopsie ; Chapter 03 ON THE HIGH STREET; Act.14 Stealing the Stylo
    Act.15 Make a Cash Depo-Zit Act.16 Which Way Is Up? ; Act.17 Not So Supermarket ; Act.18 Yelling! Random! Inappropriate! Syphilitic Squid!; Act.19 Would You Be My Slave for Five Minutes? ; Act.20 Just, Just, Just Use the Loo M'Darlin' ; Act.21 The Price Is Fucking Wrong ; Act.22 Advertise Your Own Products; Act.23 May I Help You? ; Act.24 Me and Eleven Items Are an Item; Chapter 04 PARTIES; Act.25 DVD-ickwad ; Act.26 The Medicine Cabinet of Dr. Caligari ; Act.27 Garden of Seizen; Act.28 Kara-Not-Okay ; Act.29 It's Gamey in Here ; Act.30 Now You See Me, Now You (Slam)
    Act.31 'Something Old, New, Borrowed & Blue (My Balls)' Act.32 Present and Unaccounted For ; Act.33 Sounds Like a Party to Me ; Chapter 05 HIGH DAYS AND HOLIDAYS; Act.34 Christmas Tree-Son ; Act.35 Happy Mother's Day, Dad! ; Act.36 Receive and Ye Shall Ask ; Act.37 Secreting Santa ; Act.38 Halloween (Hullo-Weenie) ; Act.39 Happy Birthday to No One!; Act.40 Mis-Greeting Cards ; Act.41 It's the Thoughtlessness That Counts ; Chapter 06 BIG BROTHER; Act.42 Park-Olepsy ; Act.43 Drinkey No Drivey ; Act.44 Urine the Money ; Act.45 Newsflash(er) ; Act.46 You've Got Fail ; Act.47 Nick Your Own Stuff
    Chapter 07 GENERAL MISCHIEFAct.48 Are You Reading Fuck You This?; Act.49 Do You Know Who I Am?; Act.50 Harold, Look It's an Old Church! ; Act.51 I Think I Might Be Gay ; Act.52 Going Down ; Act.53 To Sleep, Perchance to Scream ; Act.54 'Announcement: There Is No Announcement' ; Act.55 I Now Mispronounce You... ; Act.56 'If I Could Just Have a Few Days of Your Time?' ; Act.57 Life-Jack; Act.58 Let's Focus, People! ; Act.59 Spammer Spammer Spammer Spammer etc. ; Act.60 This Isn't Even Remotely Funny ; Act.61 How Now Brown Box... ; Act.62 My Name Is... My Name Is...; Act.63 Hold the Phone
    Chapter 08 ARTS AND CULTUREAct.64 Art Fart ; Act.65 I've Got the Clap Clap ; Act.66 Pursuit of the Inane ; Act.67 Don't Judge a Cover By Its Book ; Act.68 Spoiling the Spoiler ; Act.69 Paper Trail Tale ; Act.70 Fahrenheit Four-Fifty-Fun ; Chapter 09 HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS; Act.71 Who's Your Daddy? ; Act.72 Maria von Trapped ; Act.73 It's That Time of the Month ; Act.74 Love Me Blender, Love Me Sweet ; Act.75 Nobody 'No's the Trouble I've Seen ; Act.76 Elope ; Chapter 10 WORK; Act.77 Dress Me Down, Before You Go-Go ; Act.78 Taking Credit Where Credit Is Debit ; Act.79 And I Just Can't Hide It
    Act.80 Ducking Out of Woik
  • Publication Date: 2009
  • Publisher: London : Michael O'Mara Books Ltd.
  • Format: 1 online resource (193 p.).
  • Identifier: ISBN 1-84317-527-4
  • Subjects: Consumer satisfaction; Fraud; Swindlers and swindling; Electronic books
  • Language: English
  • Source: 01DAL UDM ALMA

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