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Reason's dark champions constructive strategies of Sophistic argument

Christopher W. Tindale (Christopher William)


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  • Title:
    Reason's dark champions constructive strategies of Sophistic argument
  • Author: Christopher W. Tindale (Christopher William)
  • Description: Sophistic argument and the early tradition -- Introduction -- The category 'Sophist': who counts? -- The figure of socrates -- Sophistic argument: contrasting views -- Against the Sophists -- Figures of influence -- Positive views of Sophistic argument -- Resistance to revision -- Making the weak argument the stronger -- A problem of translation -- Eristics and the Euthydemus -- Antiphon the Sophist -- Protagorean rhetoric -- Plato's Sophists -- Platonic and Sophistic argument and the 'Sophist dialogues' -- Public and private argument -- Plato's view of argument -- A question of method -- Imitation and method: eristic and the Peritrope -- The veracity of Plato's testimony -- The Sophists and fallacious argument: aristotle's legacy -- The sophists and fallacy -- The sophistical refutations -- Fallacy in the Euthydemus -- Lessons from the Euthydemus -- Contrasting refutations -- Sophistic strategies of argumentation -- Rhetoric and argumentation -- Rhetoric and sophistry -- Extending Sophistic argument: Alcidamas and Isocrates -- What is Eikos?: the argument from likelihood -- The meaning of likelihood -- Examples from Antiphon -- The range of Eikos arguments -- Evaluating Eikos arguments -- Contemporary appearances: Walton and the plausibility argument -- Turning tables: roots and varieties of the Peritrope -- What trope is the Peritrope? -- Defining the Peritrope -- Reversal arguments in Gorgias and Antiphon -- Socratic and Sophistic refutations again -- Contemporary reversals -- Evaluation -- Contrasting arguments: Antilogoi or Antithesis -- The concepts of Antilogoi and Antithesis -- History of the Antilogoi -- The dissoi logoi -- Antithesis and the counterfactual -- Examples of Antilogoi: Gorgias, Antiphon, Prodicus, Thucydides, Antisthenes -- Purpose and evaluation -- Contemporary echoes -- Signs, commonplaces, and allusions -- Modes of proof -- Arguing from signs -- Commonplaces -- Allusions -- More recent echoes -- Ethotic argument: witness testimony and the appeal to character -- Ethos -- The appeal to one's own character -- Witnesses -- Funeral speeches -- Promotion of character -- Attacking character -- The use of ethotic argument and the modern ad hominem -- Justice and the value of Sophistic argument -- Truth and morality: reasoning in the dark -- A human justice -- Sophistic argument and justice -- Kinds of Sophist -- Sophistic argument in the present.
  • Publication Date: c2010
  • Publisher: Columbia, S.C. : University of South Carolina Press
  • Format: 1 online resource (193 p.).
  • Identifier: ISBN 1-283-61127-9;ISBN 9786613923721;ISBN 1-61117-233-0
  • Subjects: Sophists (Greek philosophy); Reasoning; Electronic books
  • Language: English
  • Source: 01DAL UDM ALMA

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