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The development of ethics a historical and critical study. Volume 1, From Socrates to the Reformation.

Terence. Irwin


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  • Title:
    The development of ethics a historical and critical study. Volume 1, From Socrates to the Reformation.
  • Author: Terence. Irwin
  • Description: Contents; Abbreviations; 1. Introduction; 1. Scope; 2. The Socratic Tradition; 3. Aristotelian Naturalism; 4. Critics of Aristotelian Naturalism; 5. Beginning and End; 6. Progress, Optimism, and Pessimism; 7. What this Book is Not; 8. Level and Organization; 2. Socrates; 9. The Founder of Moral Philosophy?; 10. Method; 11. What is a Socratic Definition?; 12. Basic Moral Principles; 13. Knowledge of the Good: Eudaemonism; 14. Why Virtue is Necessary for Happiness; 15. Why is Virtue Sufficient for Happiness?; 16. Wisdom and its Product; 17. The Supremacy of Virtue
    18. Does Happiness give a Reason for being Virtuous?19. What sort of Virtue is Supreme in Happiness?; 20. Integrity and Socratic Virtue; 21. The Nature of Happiness: Socratic Hedonism; 22. Hedonism and Socratic Virtue; 23. Objections to Hedonism: The Gorgias; 24. Hedonism without Prudence?; 25. An Adaptive Conception of Happiness; 26. Is Virtue Identical to Happiness?; 27. Reason and Desire; 3. The Cyrenaics; 28. The 'One-Sided' Socratics; 29. Aristippus and the Protagoras; 30. Hedonism without Eudaemonism; 31. For and against Eudaemonism
    32. Epistemological and Metaphysical Objections to Eudaemonism33. Doubts about the Continuing Self; 34. A Conflict between Hedonism and Eudaemonism?; 4. The Cynics; 35. Socrates and the Cynics; 36. Socratic Alternatives to Hedonism: Virtue or Self-Sufficiency?; 37. Happiness and Adaptation; 38. Do the Cynics Improve on Socrates?; 39. Socrates and the Cynics: Is Virtue Identical to Happiness?; 40. An Objection to Cynicism; 5. Plato; 41. Plato's Reflexions on Socrates; 42. The Scope of Plato's Ethical Thought; 43. Definitions and Disputes; 44. Why Explanation Requires Non-sensible Forms
    45. Appropriate Definitions46. Non-rational Desires; 47. Why a Tripartite Soul?; 48. Why Parts of the Soul?; 49. The Tripartite Soul, Virtue, and Vice; 50. Why is Justice to be Chosen for Itself ?; 51. How is Justice a Non-instrumental Good?; 52. Is Justice Sufficient for Happiness?; 53. Inadequate Conceptions of Happiness; 54. Cyrenaic Hedonism v. Eudaemonism; 55. Why Intelligence is Not the Good; 56. Responses to the Philebus; 57. Why Justice is Insufficient for Happiness; 58. Are Plato's Questions Reasonable?; 59. What is Psychic Justice?; 60. How Psychic Justice Fulfils the Human Function
    61. The Philosopher as Ruler: A Conflict between Justice and Happiness?62. The Philosopher as Ruler: No Sacrifice of Happiness?; 63. Love, Self-Concern, and Concern for Others; 64. Eudaemonism and Concern for Others; 6. Aristotle: Happiness; 65. Interpreting Aristotle; 66. Aristotle's Main Contributions; 67. Method; 68. The Role of the Final Good; 69. The Final Good and Happiness; 70. The Final Good and the 'Three Lives'; 71. A Comprehensive Conception of Happiness; 72. Happiness and Goodness; 73. Implications of Eudaemonism; 7. Aristotle: Nature; 74. The Function Argument
    75. Function, Essence, End, and Explanation
    Terence Irwin presents a historical and critical study of the development of moral philosophy over two thousand years, from ancient Greece to the Reformation. Starting with the seminal ideas of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, he guides the reader through the centuries that follow, introducing each of the thinkers he discusses with generous quotations from their works. He offers not only careful interpretation but critical evaluation of what they have to offer philosophically. This is the first of three volumes which will examine the history of ethics in the Socratic tradition, up to the late 2
  • Publication Date: 2011
  • Publisher: Oxford : Oxford University Press
  • Format: 1 online resource (841 p.).
  • Identifier: ISBN 0-19-969385-4;ISBN 1-281-14720-6;ISBN 9786611147204;ISBN 0-19-151967-7
  • Subjects: Conduct of life; Ethics -- History; Electronic books
  • Language: English
  • Source: 01DAL UDM ALMA

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