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Plato and Myth : Studies on the Use and Status of Platonic Myths

Collobert, Catherine ;Destrée, Pierre ;Gonzalez, Francisco J.


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  • Title:
    Plato and Myth : Studies on the Use and Status of Platonic Myths
  • Author: Collobert, Catherine ; Destrée, Pierre ; Gonzalez, Francisco J.
  • Description: Through the contributions of specialists in the field, this volume addresses the still open question of the role and status of myth in Plato's dialogues and thereby speaks to the broader problem of the relation between philosophy and poetic discourse..
    Intro -- Contents -- List of Contributors -- Acknowledgements -- Note -- Introduction -- Part I. Reflections on the Nature of Platonic Myths -- 1. Plato's Exoteric Myths -- 2. Myth and Interpretation -- 3. Literal and Deeper Meanings in Platonic Myths -- 4. The Freedom of Platonic Myth -- 5. The Platonic Art of Myth-Making: Myth As Informative Phantasma -- 6. Spectacles from Hades. On Plato's Myths and Allegories in the Republic -- Part II. Approaches to Platonic Myths -- 7. The Pragmatics of "Myth" in Plato's Dialogues: The Story of Prometheus in the Protagoras -- 8. Religion and Morality. Elements of Plato's Anthropology in the Myth of Prometheus (Protagoras, 320d-322d) -- 9. Whip Scars on the Naked Soul: Myth and Elenchos in Plato's Gorgias -- 10. The Status of the Myth of the Gorgias, or: Taking Plato Seriously -- 11. The Rivers of Tartarus: Plato's Geography of Dying and Coming-back-to-Life -- 12. Choice of Life and Self-Transformation in the Myth of Er -- 13. Combating Oblivion: The Myth of Er as Both Philosophy's Challenge and Inspiration -- 14. The Myth of Theuth in the Phaedrus -- 15. Myth and Truth in Plato's Phaedrus -- 16. Theriomorphism and the Composite Soul in Plato -- 17. Myth, Image and Likeness in Plato's Timaeus -- 18. Why Is the Timaeus Called an Eikos Muthos and an Eikos Logos? -- 19. Why Two Epochs of Human History? On the Myth of the Statesman -- 20. The Delphic Oracle on Socrates' Wisdom: a Myth? -- References -- Index locorum -- .
  • Publication Date: 2012
  • Publisher: Leiden: BRILL
  • Identifier: E-ISBN: 9789004224360 ; ISBN: 9789004218666
  • Subjects: Myth
  • Language: English
  • Source: Ebook Central Perpetual and DDA titles (ProQuest)

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