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The intelligible metropolis : urban mentality in contemporary London novels

Nora Plesske author, editor. Kordula Röckenhaus cover designer.


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  • Title:
    The intelligible metropolis : urban mentality in contemporary London novels
  • Author: Nora Plesske author, editor.
  • Kordula Röckenhaus cover designer.
  • Description: Cover The Intelligible Metropolis ; Contents; 1 Introduction; 1.1 Setting the Theme: Intelligibility and Legibility; 1.2 'New' London (1997-2007); 1.3 Selecting the Literary Corpus; 1.4 The Present State of Research; 1.5 Structure and Approach; Theory and Methodology; 2 Theories and Categories of Mentality; 2.1 The Definition of Mentality; 2.1.1 The History of Mentalities; 2.1.2 Historical and Contemporary Social Constructions of Reality; 2.1.3 Mentality as Organon and Rhizome; 2.2 Determinants of Mentality; 2.2.1 Collectivity and Collective Mentality; 2.2.2 Time and Temporal Mentality
    2.2.3 Space and Spatial Mentality2.2.4 Collective Space-Time Compressions; 2.3 The Concept of Mentality; 3 Theories of Urbanity; 3.1 City and Urbanity; 3.1.1 Definition of the City; 3.1.2 Urbanity as the Metropolitan Way of Life; 3.1.3 Metamorphosis of the City and Transformation of Urbanity; 3.2 Urban Theoretical Approaches to Mentalities; 3.2.1 Georg Simmel's Sociology of Modern Urbanity; 3.2.2 The Chicago School of Urban Sociology; 3.2.3 New Urban Political Economy and City Culture; 3.2.4 The Contemporary City and Postmodern Urbanity; 4 The Concept of Urban Mentality
    4.1 Ambivalences of Urban-Generic Mentality4.1.1 City and Country; 4.1.2 Public and Private; 4.1.3 Sociability and Anomie; 4.1.4 Heterogeneity and Homogeneity; 4.1.5 Familiarity and Strangeness; 4.1.6 Community and Individualism; 4.1.7 Indifference and Involvement; 4.1.8 Apathy and Vigilance; 4.2 Factors of Influence on Urban-Specific Mentality; 4.2.1 Culture; 4.2.2 Imaginary; 4.2.3 Image; 4.2.4 Text; 4.2.5 Narrative; 4.2.6 Atmosphere; 4.2.7 Emotion; 4.2.8 Identity; 4.3 The Model of Urban Mentality; 5 Methodological Implications; 5.1 Methodological Approaches to Mentality
    5.1.1 Quantitative and Qualitative Methods5.1.2 Literary and Cultural Studies and the Concept of Mentalities; 5.1.3 Narratological Approaches; 5.2 A Spatio-Narratological Analysis of Mentality; 5.2.1 Literary Topographies; 5.2.2 Boundaries; 5.2.3 Chronotopes; 5.2.4 Metaphors; Analysis of London Mentality; 6 Cityscape; 6.1 Public and Private; 6.1.1 Interpenetrations of Public and Private Drama; 6.1.2 Private Dereliction and Public Regeneration; 6.1.3 Enclosed Privacies in the Global City; 6.1.4 Public 'Aparthide' and Search for Intimacy; 6.1.5 Isolationist Structures of Mentality
    6.2 Underground London6.2.1 Isotopic, Utopic, and Heterotopic Space; 6.2.2 Subterranean Sociability; 6.2.3 The Metropolitan (Un)Conscious; 6.2.4 Deep Collective Space-Time Compressions; 6.2.5 Subterranean Structures of Mentality; 6.3 Navigating the Flux; 6.3.1 Mapping the Metropolis; 6.3.2 Touring the Streets of London; 6.3.3 Sensing the City; 6.3.4 Apprehending Urbanity; 6.3.5 (Sub)Textual Structures of Mentality; 6.4 The Palimpsestuous City; 6.4.1 Historical Layering; 6.4.2 Psychogeographical Tracing; 6.4.3 Socio-Cultural Re-Con-Textualisation; 6.4.4 Intertextual Writing
    6.4.5 Hypertextual Simulation
    Writings on the metropolis generally foreground illimitability, stressing thereby that the urban ultimately remains both illegible and unintelligible. Instead, the purpose of this interdisciplinary study is to demonstrate that mentality as a tool offers orientation in the urban realm. Nora Pleßke develops a model of urban mentality to be employed for cities worldwide. Against the background of the Spatial Turn, she identifies dominant urban-specific structures of London mentality in contemporary London novels, such as Monica Ali's »Brick Lane«, J.G. Ballard's »Millennium People«, Nick Hornby's
  • Publication Date: 2014
  • Publisher: Bielefeld, Germany : transcript
  • Format: 1 online resource (576 p.).
  • Identifier: ISBN 3-8394-2672-3
  • Subjects: City and town life in literature; English fiction -- 20th century -- History and criticism; English fiction -- 21st century -- History and criticism; Electronic books
  • Language: English
  • Source: 01DAL UDM ALMA

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