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Introduction to high energy physics

Donald H. Perkins

4th ed.. 2000

Online access

  • Title:
    Introduction to high energy physics
  • Author: Donald H. Perkins
  • Description: Cover; Title Page; Copyright; Contents; Preface; 1 Quarks and leptons; 1.1 Preamble; 1.2 The Standard Model of particle physics; 1.3 Particle classification: fermions and bosons; 1.4 Particles and antiparticles; 1.5 Free particle wave equations; 1.6 Helicity states: helicity conservation; 1.7 Lepton flavours; 1.8 Quark flavours; 1.9 The cosmic connection; Problems; 2 Interactions and fields; 2.1 Classical and quantum pictures of interactions; 2.2 The Yukawa theory of quantum exchange; 2.3 The boson propagator; 2.4 Feynman diagrams; 2.5 Electromagnetic interactions
    2.6 Renormalisation and gauge invariance2.7 Strong interactions; 2.8 Weak and electroweak interactions; 2.9 Gravitational interactions; 2.10 The interaction cross-section; 2.11 Decays and resonances; Problems; 3 Invariance principles and conservation laws; 3.1 Translation and rotation operators; 3.2 The parity operation; 3.3 Pion spin and parity; 3.4 Parity of particles and antiparticles; 3.5 Tests of parity conservation; 3.6 Charge conjugation invariance; 3.7 Charge conservation and gauge invariance; 3.8 Baryon and lepton conservation; 3.9 CPT invariance; 3.10 CP violation and T violation
    3.11 Neutron electric dipole moment3.12 Isospin symmetry; 3.13 Isospin in the two-nucleon and the pion-nucleon systems; 3.14 Isospin, strangeness and hypercharge; Problems; 4 Quarks in hadrons; 4.1 Charm and beauty; the heavy quarkonium states; 4.2 Comparison of quarkonium and positronium levels; 4.3 The baryon decuplet; 4.4 Quark spin and colour; 4.5 The baryon octet; 4.6 Quark-antiquark combinations: the light pseudoscalar mesons; 4.7 The light vector mesons; 4.8 Other tests of the quark model; 4.9 Mass relations and hyperfine interactions
    7.8 Conservation of weak currents
    The 4th edition of this highly-regarded text provides an up-to-date and comprehensive introduction to modern particle physics.
  • Publication Date: 2000
  • Publisher: Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press
  • Format: 1 online resource (442 p.).
  • Identifier: ISBN 1-316-08498-1;ISBN 1-139-63633-2;ISBN 1-139-64888-8;ISBN 1-139-63843-2;ISBN 1-299-31896-7;ISBN 1-139-64791-1;ISBN 1-139-64127-1;ISBN 0-511-80904-2
  • Subjects: Particles (Nuclear physics); Electronic books
  • Language: English
  • Source: 01DAL UDM ALMA

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