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Dialogical thought and identity : trans-different religiosity in present day societies

Ephraim. Meir


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  • Title:
    Dialogical thought and identity : trans-different religiosity in present day societies
  • Author: Ephraim. Meir
  • Description: Preface; Introduction; Chapter 1; Elucidating Identity and Alterity; Views on Identity; Identity: A Fictitious Story?; "Othering" as Openness of the I; Self-Creation or Created Self?; The Two Sides of the Self; A Forgotten Horizon; The Problem of Identity in Dialogical Philosophy; Chapter 2; "I-you" and "Eternal You" in the Thought of Martin Buber; I and Ego, Person and Self-Being; I-you and I-it; Passage From I-you To I-it; Hesitation; Inter-Subjectivity and Presence, Will and Grace; The Eternal You; Revelation and Religions; What is Man?; Judaism and Zionism: Dialogical Realities
    Zionism as UtopiaJudaism and Christianity; Chapter 3; Franz Rosenzweig's Animated I or "Soul"; The Centrality of Relationships; Individual and Collective Identities; Inclusive Thinking: Judaism and Christianity; The Question of Truth; Gritli and Franz: An Example of Dialogical Life; The Tragic I; The Transformation of the Tragic Self into a Beloved and Loving I; Speech and Human and Divine Love; Death, Love and Light; Between Self and Soul; The Other in the Self, Identity Surprised by Exteriority and Alterity; Turning to the World: The Process of Redemption
    The I Beyond Itself in the "We" and "Trans-Difference"The New Law as Linking Communities; Rosenzweig's Lehrhaus as Dialogical Enterprise; The "New" Law and the Lehrhaus; The House of Study and Speech Thinking; Translating as an Act of Peace; Self, "Self-Transcendence" and "Trans-Difference"; Chapter 4; The I as "Homo Sympatheticus" in Abraham Joshua Heschel; The I as Concern for the Non-I; The I and the Ineffable; The Prophetic I; Heschel's Own I; The Sympathetic I; The "Mystery of the Self": On the Conversion of Needs; The Compassionate I, Judaism and the World; Human Dignity; Chapter 5
    Franz Fischer's "Proflective" Thought on the ISelfless Existence; Proflective Philosophy; Proligion Instead of Religion; Xenology; Fischer and Buber on the Other; Specificity of the Self versus Selflessness; Christianity as Hospitality; Chapter 6; Emmanuel Levinas's "One-For-the-Other"; The I as Agent or as Called; Buber and Levinas; Self-Transcendence in Fecundity; Death and Time; Rosenzweig and Levinas; Society and Ethics; Limitless Freedom and Difficult Freedom; Reason and Pre-Conceptual Demands; Goodness Beyond Systems; Rights of the Other Man and Rights of Man; Heschel and Levinas
    Judaism as Category of BeingHebrew Identity as Fraternity; Jewish Education and Anti-Humanism; Jewish Suffering and Jewish Anti-Totalitarianism; Talmud Torah; Judaism and Rationality, Recognition and Cognition; Building Blocks; Self-Transcendence, Self-Difference, and Trans-Difference. Philosophical and Theological Considerations; Chapter 7; The Non-Identical I; Radical Difference; Trans-Difference; Avoiding Extreme Assimilation and Extreme Dissimilation; Different Kinds of Trans-Difference; The Case of the Convert; Transcending the Self; The Ethical Dimension of the Self
    To Do the Good for its own Sake or not for its own Sake
    In discussion with M. Buber, F. Rosenzweig, A.J. Heschel, F. Fischer and E. Levinas, Ephraim Meir outlines a novel conception of a selfhood that is grounded in dialogical thought. He focuses on the shaping of identity in present day societies and offers a new view on identity around the concepts of self-transcendence, self-difference, and trans-difference. It is suggested that in trans-different religiosity, one may discover what unites people.
  • Publication Date: 2013
  • Publisher: Boston : De Gruyter
  • Format: 1 online resource (248 p.).
  • Identifier: ISBN 3-11-033847-5
  • Subjects: Identity (Philosophical concept); Self (Philosophy); Electronic books
  • Language: English
  • Source: 01DAL UDM ALMA

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