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Plato's Parmenides.

Scolnicov, Samuel; Scolnicov, Samuel. ; Scolnicov, Samuel.

1st ed.. 2003

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  • Title:
    Plato's Parmenides.
  • Author: Scolnicov, Samuel
  • Scolnicov, Samuel. ; Scolnicov, Samuel.
  • Description: Of all Plato's dialogues, the Parmenides is notoriously the most difficult to interpret. Scholars of all periods have disagreed about its aims and subject matter. The interpretations have ranged from reading the dialogue as an introduction to the whole of Platonic metaphysics to seeing it as a collection of sophisticated tricks, or even as an elaborate joke. This work presents an illuminating new translation of the dialogue together with an extensive introduction and running commentary, giving a unified explanation of the Parmenides and integrating it firmly within the context of Plato's metaphysics and methodology. Scolnicov shows that in the Parmenides Plato addresses the most serious challenge to his own philosophy: the monism of Parmenides and the Eleatics. In addition to providing a serious rebuttal to Parmenides, Plato here re-formulates his own theory of forms and participation, arguments that are central to the whole of Platonic thought, and provides these concepts with a rigorous...
    Cover -- CONTENTS -- LIST OF TABLES AND FIGURES -- ABBREVIATIONS -- ACKNOWLEDGMENTS -- Introduction -- Plato Versus Parmenides -- The Problem of Method -- Elenchus -- Aporia and Euporia -- The Method of Hypothesis -- Two Principles of Noncontradiction -- The Verb 'to be' -- Parmenidean Being and Platonic Being -- The Dialogue -- A Note on the Translation -- PARMENIDES -- Proem -- The Frame Story -- The Problem: The Many Cannot Be -- The Thesis: Forms Participate in Each Other, and Sensible Things Participate in Forms -- Part I: Aporia -- The Dilemma -- The Necessity of Positing Forms -- The Method -- Part II: Euporia -- Hypothesis: The One Is -- Argument I -- Argument II -- Argument III -- Argument IV -- Hypothesis: The One Is Not -- Argument V -- Argument VI -- Argument VII -- Argument VIII -- General Conclusion -- BIBLIOGRAPHY -- INDEX LOCORUM -- INDEX NOMINUM -- A -- B -- C -- D -- E -- F -- G -- H -- K -- L -- M -- N -- O -- P -- R -- S -- T -- V -- W -- Z -- INDEX OF GREEK WORDS AND...
  • Publication Date: 2003
  • Publisher: Berkeley: University of California Press
  • Identifier: E-ISBN: 9780520925113 ; ISBN: 9780520224032 ; ISBN: 9780520224032
  • Subjects: Socrates. Parmenides. Zeno, -- of Elea. Plato. -- Parmenides. Ontology -- Early works to 1800. Reasoning -- Early works to 1800. Dialectic -- Early works to 1800
  • Language: English
  • Source: Ebook Central Perpetual and DDA titles (ProQuest)

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