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Complicated presence : Heidegger and the postmetaphysical unity of being

Jussi Backman 1977- author.


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  • Title:
    Complicated presence : Heidegger and the postmetaphysical unity of being
  • Author: Jussi Backman 1977- author.
  • Description: ""Contents""; ""List of Illustrations""; ""Acknowledgments""; ""Abbreviations of Heideggerâ€?s Works""; ""Gesamtausgabe""; ""Other Works""; ""English Translations""; ""Introduction""; ""The Unity of Being at the End of Metaphysics""; ""Heidegger as a Postmetaphysical Thinker of Unity""; ""Being as Meaning and the History of Being: Methodological Considerations""; ""Outline of the Study""; ""1 From the First Inception to the Other: Metaphysics and the Unity of Being""; ""The First Inception: The Unity of Being in Anaximander, Parmenides, and Heraclitus""; ""Anaximander""; ""Parmenides""
    ""Heraclitus""""The First End of the First Inception: Plato and the One Over Many""; ""Ontotheology: Aristotle and the Analogical Unity of Being""; ""The End of Metaphysics and the Transition to the Other Inception""; ""Hegel""; ""Nietzsche""; ""Transition""; ""2 Being and Time: The Complicated Unity of Dasein""; ""On the Way to Being and Time: The Situation as a Singular Unity""; ""Ontothnetology: A New Exemplary Being""; ""Fundamental Ontology: From the Exemplary Being to Being and the Turn Back""; ""The Self as an Ecstatic Unity of Timeliness""
    ""The Instant as the Ecstatic Clearing of Presence""""The Ecstatic-Horizonal Correlation of Dasein and World: Temporal Schematism""; ""From the Unity of the Horizonal Schemata to the Sense of Being: Complicated Presence""; ""Complicated Presence as Differential Unity: The Ontological Difference""; ""3 The Turn and the Emergence of the Fourfold""; ""The Turn: Complicated Presence as the Reciprocity of Dasein and Being""; ""The Emergence of the Fourfold: Complicated Presence as Intimate Unity""; ""4 Contributions to Philosophy: The Singular Simplicity of the Event""; ""Thinking in Reverse""
    ""The Coordinates of the Transition""""The Unique Singularity of Beyng""; ""Beyng Is, Beings Are Not""; ""5 Insight Into That Which Is: From the Uniform Presence of Technicity to the Complicated Presence of the Thing""; ""Thinking Being without Beings""; ""The Cyclic Structure of the Insight Into That Which Is""; ""The Complicated Presence of the Thing as an Interplay of the Fourfold World""; ""The Setup, the Peril, and the Turn to the Thing""; ""6 Identity and Difference: Differential Identity as the Ground of Unity""; ""The Complicated Identity of Being and the Human Being""
    ""Discharge as the Differential Unity of Being and Beings""""The Concord between Event and Discharge: Complicated Unity""; ""Conclusion: The Simplicity and Complexity of Presence""; ""Notes""; ""Bibliography""; ""Index""
  • Publication Date: 2015
  • Publisher: Albany, New York : SUNY Press
  • Format: 1 online resource (376 p.).
  • Identifier: ISBN 1-4384-5650-6
  • Subjects: Heidegger, Martin, 1889-1976; One (The One in philosophy); Metaphysics; Electronic books
  • Language: English
  • Source: 01DAL UDM ALMA

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