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Firewalls jumpstart for network and systems administrators

John R. Vacca Scott Ellis (Scott Raymond), 1968-


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  • Title:
    Firewalls jumpstart for network and systems administrators
  • Author: John R. Vacca
  • Scott Ellis (Scott Raymond), 1968-
  • Description: Front Cover; Firewalls Jumpstart for Network and Systems Administrators; Copyright Page; Contents; Foreword; Introduction; Acknowledgments; Section I: Overview of Firewall Technology; Chapter 1. Firewalls: What Are They?; 1.1 Chapter objectives; 1.2 Firewall defined; 1.3 Why firewalls?; 1.4 Benefits of firewalls; 1.5 Enhanced privacy; 1.6 Limitations of firewalls; 1.7 Summary; 1.8 References; Chapter 2. Type of Firewall Security Policy; 2.1 Chapter objectives; 2.2 Firewall protection; 2.3 Firewall architectures; 2.4 Types of firewalls; 2.5 Issues; 2.6 Intranet; 2.7 Network trust relationships
    2.8 Virtual private networks2.9 Firewall administration; 2.10 Revision/update of firewall policy; 2.11 Examples of service-specific policies; 2.12 Summary; 2.13 References; Chapter 3. Firewall Types; 3.1 Chapter objectives; 3.2 Types of firewalls; 3.3 Understanding firewall types; 3.4 Firewall types drawbacks; 3.5 Summary; 3.6 References; Section II: Firewall Topologies; Chapter 4. Choosing the Right Firewall; 4.1 Chapter objectives; 4.2 Convergence; 4.3 About packet inspection; 4.4 Summary; Chapter 5. Defense in Depth: Firewall Topologies; 5.1 Chapter objectives; 5.2 Virtual private network
    5.3 Firewall policies5.4 Setting up a demilitarized zone:A VPN alternative?; 5.5 Summary; Section III: Firewall Installation and Configuration; Chapter 6. Installation Preparation; 6.1 Chapter objectives; 6.2 Unbreakable walls; 6.3 Selecting an operating system; 6.4 Scanning for vulnerabilities; 6.5 Summary; Chapter 7. Firewall Configuration; 7.1 Chapter objectives; 7.2 Defining firewall security objects; 7.3 Scanning the firewall and fixing vulnerabilities; 7.4 Identifying trusted and untrusted networks; 7.5 Summary; Section IV: Supporting Outgoing Services Through Firewall Configuration
    Chapter 8. Simple Policy Implementation8.1 Chapter objectives; 8.2 Policy configuration; 8.3 Supporting HTTP; 8.4 Dynamic content; 8.5 Summary; Chapter 9. Complex Web Services Management; 9.1 Chapter objectives; 9.2 Telnet; 9.3 FTP; 9.4 Handling port numbers; 9.5 Deploying Real Audio; 9.6 Summary; Chapter 10. Content Filtering; 10.1 Chapter objectives; 10.2 Filtering out dangerous content; 10.3 Summary; Section V: Secure External Services Provision; Chapter 11. Publicly Accessible Servers Implementation; 11.1 Chapter objectives; 11.2 Securing your organization's Internet site
    11.3 Separating your Internet site from your intranet11.4 Supporting SMTP mail architectures; 11.5 Summary; Chapter 12. Architecture Selection; 12.1 Chapter objectives; 12.2 Types of screened subnet architectures; 12.3 Single-box architecture; 12.4 Summary; Chapter 13. External Servers Protection; 13.1 Chapter objectives; 13.2 Siting external servers on a perimeter net; 13.3 Deploying packet filtering to control access to your servers; 13.4 Router packet filtering; 13.5 Using router access control lists; 13.6 Summary; Section VI: Internal IP Services Protection
    Chapter 14. Internal IP Security Threats: Beyond the Firewall
    In this book, you will gain extensive hands-on experience installing and configuring a firewall. You will also learn how to allow access to key Web services while maintaining your organization's security, as well as how to implement firewall-to-firewall virtual private networks (VPNs). You will learn how to build a firewall to protect your network; provide access to HTTP and FTP services on the Internet, and implement publicly accessible servers without compromising security. Furthermore, throughout the book, extensive hands-on examples provide you with practical experience in establishing sec
  • Publication Date: c2005
  • Publisher: Amsterdam ; Boston : Elsevier Digital
  • Format: 1 online resource (449 p.).
  • Identifier: ISBN 1-281-00708-0;ISBN 9786611007089;ISBN 0-08-049132-4
  • Subjects: Firewalls (Computer security); Computer networks -- Security measures; Electronic books
  • Language: English
  • Source: 01DAL UDM ALMA

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