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Dictionary of Non-Philosophy

François. Laruelle Taylor Adkins; Tony Brachet

First edition.. 2013

Online access

  • Title:
    Dictionary of Non-Philosophy
  • Author: François. Laruelle
  • Taylor Adkins; Tony Brachet
  • Description: Cover; Copyright Page; Table of Contents; Translator's Introduction; Preface to the English Language Edition; Preface; Theory of the Non-Philosophical Dictionary; Auto-Position; Being-in-One (Being-according-to-the-One); Break (epistemic, non-philosophical break); Non-philosophical Chôra; (Non-philosophical) Definition; Democracy (democracy-of-strangers); Desire (non-desiring (of) self); Determination-in-the-last-instance (DLI); (Non-phenomenological or non-autopositional) Distance; (Non-autopositional) Drive; Dual; Essence (of) science (Science); Europanalysis; Experimentation; First name
    Force (of) thought (existing-Stranger-subject)Formal ontology (uni-versalized transcendental Logic); Generalization (generalization and uni-versalization); Generalized fractality; Given-without-givenness; God-without-Being; Hypothesis (philosophizing-by-hypothesis); Lived experience (lived-without-life); Man (Humans); Material Ontolog (chôra, uni-versalized transcendental Aesthetic); Metascience; Mixture; Multiple; Non-aesthetics; Non-dictionary; Non-epistemology; Non-erotics; Non-ethics; Non-intuitive (non-spatial and non-temporal); (Non-) One; Non-philosophy; Non-psychoanalysis
    Non-rhetoric Non-sufficiency (of the Real or of the One); Non-technology; Occasion (occasionale cause); Ordinary mystique; Other (non-autopositional Other, non-thetic Transcendence); Performativity (performed, performation, performational); Philosophical decision; Philosophy; Presentation (non-autopositional presentation); Primacy (primacy-without-priority); Priority (priority-without-primacy); Radical immanence; Real (One-in-One, Vision-in-One); Real essence; Reflection (reflection according to the One or non-autoreflexive reflection); Relative autonomy
    Reversibility (reciprocity, convertibility, exchange)Rule (of force (of) thought); Science-thought (unified theory of thought); Science-of-men; Sense (sense (of) identity); Solitude (alone); Stranger (existing-Stranger-subject); Thought (continent of thought); Time-without-temporality (radical past,transcendental future, world-present); Transcendental (pure transcendental Identity); Transcendental axiomatics; Transcendental science; Unconscious (non-psychoanalytical Unconscious); Universal noesis; Universal pragmatics; Universality (uni-versality and generality); Universe-language
    Universe-noemaUniversion; Vision-in-One (One, One-in-One, Real); World; World-thought
  • Publication Date: 2013
  • Publisher: Minneapolis, MN : Univocal
  • Format: 1 online resource (169 p.).
  • Identifier: ISBN 1-937561-88-7
  • Subjects: Philosophy, French; Negativity (Philosophy); Philosophy, French -- 20th century -- Dictionaries; Negativity (Philosophy) -- Dictionaries; 1900 - 2099; Dictionaries; Electronic books
  • Language: English
  • Source: 01DAL UDM ALMA

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