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The act itself

Jonathan Bennett 1930-


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  • Title:
    The act itself
  • Author: Jonathan Bennett 1930-
  • Description: ""PREFACE""; ""CONTENTS""; ""1. ANALYSIS""; ""1. Morality's Grid""; ""2. What is Analysis?""; ""3. Objections to Philosophical Analysis""; ""4. A Statement of Non-realism""; ""5. Moral Non-realism and Entailment""; ""6. Unifying Theory""; ""7. Levels of Morality""; ""2. FACTS ABOUT BEHAVIOUR""; ""8. How the 'By'-Locution Works""; ""9. 'Act'""; ""10. The Grammar of the 'By'-Locution""; ""11. Intrinsic Behavioural Facts""; ""12. Relational Features of Behaviour""; ""13. Fact Causation""; ""14. 'Itself'""; ""3. MORAL JUDGEMENT""; ""15. First- and Second-Order Morality""
    ""16. Knowability and First-Order Morality""""17. Concepts of Probability""; ""18. The Probability Principle""; ""19. Morality and Bad Luck""; ""4. MAKING/ALLOWING""; ""20. The Difference between Making and Allowing""; ""21. Trouble with 'Allow' and 'Let'""; ""22. The Bubble Phenomenon""; ""23. Prepositional Matches""; ""24. The Match Phenomenon""; ""5. MORAL SIGNIFICANCE""; ""25. Basic Moral Significance""; ""26. Intuitions about Cases""; ""27. Sometimes but not Always?""; ""28. The Difficulty Excuse""; ""6. POSITIVE/NEGATIVE""; ""29. 'Negative Acts'""; ""30. Negative Relevance""
    ""31. A Metric for the Behaviour Space""""32. The Immobility Objection""; ""33. Doubts about the Metric""; ""7. ACTIVE/PASSIVE""; ""34. Agency and 'the Course of Nature'""; ""35. The Two Distinctions as Collaborators""; ""36. Immobility Again""; ""37. What is 'the Course of Nature'?""; ""38. The Non-intervention Principle""; ""8. OTHER ATTEMPTS""; ""39. Changing Conditions""; ""40. Threats and Efforts""; ""41. Making and Causing""; ""42. A Short Lecture on Pragmatics""; ""43. Tighter Meanings for 'Cause'?""; ""44. Other Attempted Analyses""; ""45. The Neutrality of Making/Allowing""
    ""9. DEMANDS""""46. Morality as too Demanding: Tight Reins""; ""47. Morality as too Demanding: The Thwarting of Desires""; ""48. Morality of Self-interest""; ""49. Affections""; ""50. The Collapse of the Self-interest Defence""; ""51. Arguing for Making/Allowing Asymmetry""; ""10. ATROCITIES""; ""52. Crises""; ""53. Forms of Absolutism""; ""54. Atrocity and Policy""; ""55. Absolutism and Moral Character""; ""56. Comparative Value of Upshots""; ""57. Other Agents""; ""58. Their Projects""; ""59. Deontology""; ""11. INTENTIONS""; ""60. Intentions and First-Order Morality""
    ""61. The Principle of Double Effect""""62. Intentions as Explanatory""; ""63. Delimiting the Means: Acts and Events""; ""64. Delimiting the Means: Facts""; ""65. The Morality of the Means Principle: 'Intend'""; ""66. The Morality of the Means Principle: 'Means'""; ""67. The Morality of the Means Principle: Character""; ""68. A Limited Success""; ""BIBLIOGRAPHY""; ""INDEX OF PERSONS""; ""INDEX OF SUBJECTS"";
    Jonathan Bennett's aim in The Act Itself, is to clarify what is going on in our own moral thoughts and to show us how to take more control of our thoughts and moral lives.
  • Publication Date: 1995
  • Publisher: Oxford : Clarendon
  • Format: 1 online resource (249 p.).
  • Identifier: ISBN 0-19-159707-4;ISBN 1-281-98087-0;ISBN 9786611980870;ISBN 0-19-151894-8
  • Subjects: Consequentialism (Ethics); Act (Philosophy); Human behavior; Electronic books
  • Language: English
  • Source: 01DAL UDM ALMA

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